Thursday, May 18


Still there

Booh. I was getting all ready so it's a bit frustrating now. However, I did have a few contractions again last night and she's so very low now that I'm not losing hope. I try to keep moving as much as possible, walk, vacuum, clean up the flat ect... And we'll try a mini-hike and foot massage this week-end... ;-) (I just read that story of a woman who got a feet massage and gave birth the next day. Sounds easy!)

Not much crafting done, we've spent a great deal of time outside with Prune. But lookee what I got in the mailbox yesterday: my second Destash lot !
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That's Crystal Palace "Musique", Cascade "Pastaza" and Colinette "Point 5". Two big hanks of each. Again, Yum !!!
And I've nearly finished typing the pattern for the crochet set. Takes time and energy. Partly because it's not in my native language... but mostly because I'm just so lazy !!! ;-)

hi there, wow, exciting times for you and your family! and the little doll is TOOO CUTE!
Looks like a foot massage is in order for you then! Pretty yarn you just got in the mail.
Oooo! I just popped in, and I've missed so much! Keeping my fingers crossed that paper finds her way out soon :D Congratulations on the Knitty submission too, and the yummy yummy yummy yarns :D
Good Luck. If we don't see you post for a while we will assume the best.
Man, that "head down" feeling is the best! I woke up one morning, sat up (it took 5 minutes...I don't want to imply that I just jumped right out of bed. We all know that didn't happen.) and for the first time in ages took a deep, cleansing breath. I woke my husband up, it felt that good!!

Wishing you happy baby thoughts.
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