Saturday, May 13


Yeeessss !!!!

"You're in" she said.
Who ?
Amy from Knitty !!! ... so watch for my first ever to be published pattern in the upcoming summer issue of Knitty... :-D
(all I can say it's an "extremities" issue, stuff for hands, feet ect..)

congratulations and look forward to seeing it.
Congratulations, I can't wait to see it.

Oh and btw, I went to my local SnB last week, and sat down across from my friend Jordana- and she was knitting the free Isabeau Purse! I commented that I had made it before and that it was my first lace project. I was able to help her with it a bit. How kewl is that?~

Emms :D
Yay! Good job. Can't wait to see it.
congratulations! looking forward to seeing it!
Yes!!!! I knew you would!!!
congrats!! yay!

and i'm crossing my baby fingers too!

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