Tuesday, October 18

..Oh my ! not blogging much anymore, Oops ! Actually prune's been sick, diarhea and throwing up involved. Plus some potential big news here (should have it confirmed very soon)... I'm not even reading other people's blogs any more (or hardly !)
Don't knit much either, though I'm trying hard to keep up working on the tote:I've now started one of the sides. The thing is I could finish it like in an afternoon, ..if there wasn't all the rest. And yet I REALLY want to be done with it, write up the pattern.. and jump to my next (soon to be urgent)project, the Fancy scarf (She's still looking for more participants !!) !
.. And have yet to start working on the homework too..!!

Me too!!! Except we all have colds here and while I am not working on a bag, I do have about 3 ufo's going on.. sigh.. I've got knitter's block and watch too many lifetime movies!
I miss you though!!!
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