Sunday, December 11


Little indulgence

Just bought 2 patterns I've been drooling over for ever, Kate Gilbert's Elisabeth and Annie Modesitt's silk corset. Yum !! The corset I might not make for myself, but it's just too beautiful for words. And I'm just in love with the elisabethan collar. I have to figure out which yarn to use. So many projects.
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..And have to go back to my needles, am nearly done with the blueish lacy scarf, it only needs a couple last rows, finishing and a good block. If only I could find that pouch where I've stored all my beads.

I've also started on another Fancy scarf, this time with an angora-ish yarn. Got 3 "boobles" done already tonight while semi-watching "wyatt Earp". Good news from the first one btw, looks like it might sell. And sally the owner even said if I make more they'd love to carry them.. :-D

Great patterns! And yay!! for selling scarves.
Cool - you might have something going here with the scarves... :)

I'm totally in love with that corset pattern, but the yarn is expensive, and I'm not sure I'd wear it in public. I look forward to seeing it knitted up and watching what yarns you use! :D
That corset top is on my must have list! I've been eyeing and lusting for a while now!
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